Communities and Commercial Businesses Serviced by DCMU:

Residential Communities:
  • Biltmore
  • Greenbrier
  • Highline
  • Highline II
  • Overlook Villas
  • Fantasy Valley
  • Lago Vista
  • Sandy Shores Heights
  • Lodestone
  • Kendall Camp
  • North Camp
  • North Camp Ridge
  • Deep Creek Highlands
  • White Water Village
Commercial Businesses:
  • Wisp Ski Resort
  • The Lodge at the Wisp
  • Adverture Sports Center International
  • Lodestone Golf Course


On Demand Propane

The DCMU system supplies propane directly to commercial businesses and homes through our underground lines. You never have to worry about running out or placing an order, you will always have peace of mind with propane on demand.


We have 90,000 gallons of storage comprising three 30,000 gallon storage tanks and two 900 gallon per hour vaporizing units, to ensure your heat is always on.


We have over 20 miles of underground pipeline feeding multiple communities on Wisp Mountain, with plenty of room to expand the line as homes are built in new communities.

Know what’s below. Call before you dig.

Communities Serviced
Miles of Underground Pipe
Commercial Customers
Gallons of Propane Storage


    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Call 811 first – you will be connected to Miss Utility in Maryland. Request a utility marking to ensure you do not hit any underground utility lines.
    2. Call us at 301-334-2678, ext. 640 to let us know the address where you will need service. We will schedule a meter set for you once you are ready for the gas. Please note that it is recommended to have all appliances in the house before the final gas connection is made to ensure you get a complete gas check on the system.
    1. Call us at 301-334-2678, ext. 640 and let us know you bought a house on the system. We will congratulate you on your purchase and will set you up as a customer. You will need to execute a standard service agreement and will have an opportunity to set up automatic payment.
    2. See “How does the billing work?” below for billing information.
    1. Call us at 301-334-2678, ext. 640 and let us know the closing date. We will schedule a final meter reading so you can get your final bill and close your account. At this time, you will need to provide the name and contact information of the new owners or the selling agent so we can get the new homeowner set up with service.
    1. If the house has a gas meter on it, have your client call us at 301-334-2678, ext. 640 to discuss getting set up as a new customer. Make sure they have the correct service address.
    2. If your client is selling a house, please contact us or have them contact us with the address, closing date, and contact information of the new owners.
    1. You will be billed monthly. You are only charged for what you use during the month.
    2. We record your usage in hundred cubic feet of gas, just like a natural gas meter. Each hundred cubic feet, or what we refer to as a “meter click” is converted to gallons for billing purposes. All residential meters and most commercial meters are set to record 2.748 gallons (100 cubic feet) of propane per meter click.
    3. Your bill is due at the end of the month following your usage. For example, your January bill would be due at the end of February.
    4. We offer automatic payment options. With a bank account on file for payment, we offer a discount on your price per gallon. We also accept major credit cards for payment. We cannot offer the discount for credit card automatic payments.
    5. We offer a budget plan that goes from June to May each year with signup periods available between June and December. Payments are debited from a bank account on the 15th of the month and an automatic payment discount is available.
    1. If you see, hear, or smell propane, do not activate any light switches in the house. Move to a safe area away from the house and call us at 301-334-2678, ext. 640 and you will be connected to either one of our team members, or our 24/7 emergency call line.
    1. Propane and natural gas have very similar properties for their use in heating and cooking.
    2. Propane and natural gas appliances are often interchangeable but require different connections to avoid damage or non-performance. Conversion kits are found easily where appliances are sold.
    3. Propane is sold by the gallon. Natural gas is sold by the hundred cubic feet.
    4. Both system types are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission in Maryland. Annual system testing is completed as required by the state.
    1. There are a few sections that the DCMU service was not able to be installed.
    2. If you find this to be the case, then simply call Oakland Oil & Propane, at 301-334-2678, ext 2 and we will help you with setting up a propane tank to service all your propane needs.
    25227 Garrett Hwy, McHenry, MD 21541